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About Us

WebTech Solutions was formed as a division of Weber Electric, Inc in 2006 as a result of listening to our customers needs for various IT solutions. Integrated technology is vital in business today and WebTech provides all the tools to help you work faster, more efficiently and more accurately.

Our goal is to provide the best of these tools to your business in a straight forward and cost effective way.

• Very few businesses can manage without email, accounting and basic office computer services. We can help make sure they are always available and help you with preventative maintenance, upgrades and 24/7 emergency response.

• Video surveillance can be invaluable for employee and asset protection as well as creating a visual deterrent against theft and vandalism. A properly set up and managed solution can provide 24/7 recording, remote viewing and motion detected alerts.

• Card Access provides additional security for your employees and monitor the access to your building 24/7, providing you with valuable information via access reports. Should an access card get lost or stolen, no problem, just cancel it and issue a new one!

• A simple to use telephone system, that lets you manage your calls through your desk phone and your cell phone, enables you stay in better contact with your customers and suppliers.